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East Coast Wifi: Unblock Sites & Stop Them Messing with Your SSL

East Coast Wifi

I’ve been traveling on East Coast quite a bit recently, and in turn I’ve been using their wifi a lot. However their wifi kind of sucks, it blocks sites such as Imgur (but not reddit…) and plays with your SSL certs. Furthermore, it wont let you connect if you’re using anything other than their own DNS.

  1. To ensure you can connect, make sure that you are not specifying your own DNS servers

  2. Connect to their network, give them an email and sign your life away.

  3. Having connected to their network, make sure you have (slow) connectivity.

  4. Now you’re connected you can set your own DNS servers, this will unblock sites and stop them from messing with your SSL certs. For example you can use Google’s public DNS on either or This will unblock most sites and stop them from messing with SSL certs

I’m not on a windows machine right now and if you’re running a Linux

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